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Ryan Maron assisting young SWD cricketers
16 Sep, 2016 | By:Admin | 0 Comment(s)
CSE head coach Ryan Maron has been assisting the SWD HUB coaches and local talent with fielding drills and guidelines in Oudtshoorn today #SWDCricket #CricketSA #Capecobras
Feedback from the LGFB Vincent Pallotti
09 Nov, 2015 | By:Admin | 0 Comment(s)
8th November 2015     Dear Ryan     On behalf of SAAHSP and LGFB we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for donating Autographed Jonty Rhodes Cricket Ball and Autographed Cricket Jersey by Morne van Wyk and Lance Klusner for our Auction Dinner which was held on Monday 2nd November 2015 at African Pride, 15 on Orange Hotel.   This fundraising event was a huge success and will help enable us to reach even more ladies in active cancer treatment.  To know that you have helped empower someone to cope with this disease and making a difference to each is extremely rewarding.   We thank you sincerely for your generosity and choosing to support this incredible...Read More
Tips from PitchVision
09 May, 2014 | By:Admin | 0 Comment(s)
EFFECTIVE NET SESSIONS  It's a brilliant idea to practice in a net, but it's poorly done 66% of the time. If you are not getting better, what's the point of dragging your carcass to practice in the first place? The problem is that when you are practising in a standard net there is nothing on the outcome. If you get out as a batsman you can just have another go. Where is the incentive to improve? It's the same for bowlers who get a shoeing from some hacker who wouldn't last 5 minutes in a match. Yet, how many times have you gone to nets, had your bowl, had your few minutes in...Read More
Coaching Tips by Video
28 Feb, 2014 | By:Admin | 0 Comment(s)
Browse the coaching tips and videos below Ways to Warm up before bowling Pre-bowling rotation stretch! . Pre-bowling stretch!
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