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Franchise Opportunity

Start your own Cricket School of Excellence.

The Cricket School of Excellence (CSE) has since 1999, grown to become one of the South Africa’s leading cricket schools.


Through CSE’s partnership with prominent business organisations, the cutting edge technical and behavioural training that has influenced over 12000 young cricketers has been available and the highest quality of cricket coaching along with the sound ethical values has contributed to the creation of our future stars, both on and off the field.


CSE is on a “good wicket” and we are building a world class system that has never been seen before in SA. We are growing our footprint in the country, based on quality service delivery, our franchise system, focused marketing strategy and world class website. 

If you are an aspiring individual or Cricket Club that like many around the world, faces the constant challenges of increasing costs, questions about sustainability and revenue generation then we have a solution for you.


What we do… Click here for a YouTube Video --> Cricket School Of Excellence 9-12 July 2012 Clinic At UCT Indoor With Helen Zille 

Introduction to franchise modelFor a CSE franchisee

CSE is structured in such a way that requires minimum capital expenditure from the franchisee. Duties and responsibilities are not left on the franchisees hands alone but rather divided between the franchisee and head office. CSE understands that coaches are good at coaching but may not necessarily enjoy dealing with the administrative tasks involved. On the other hand, CSE has invested in a proficient cricketing database and employs office staff that are highly efficient when it comes to administrative tasks. This ensures a high level of service to clients before and after clinics. In other words, both the franchisee and head office stick to what they do best.


This means that tasks are divided between the two groups. Any admin tasks such as registrations, payments and liaising with clients outside of the actual holiday clinic or schools coaching, falls under the responsibility of head office. The franchisee is left with ensuring he/she runs an effective clinic or coaching session and follows same guidelines in terms of CSE administration and local marketing.


With our franchise system, we not only equip you with all the tools required to open any CSE branch, but with the ongoing support from head office.


Available Franchises


CSE is in the process and of expanding its footprint both locally and internationally. Current operations in the Western Cape are at capacity however there are many opportunities for Franchises around the country. Contact the Head Office for more information.

Minimum requirements for CSEChange the way you work and earn

The Cricket School of Excellence is looking for qualified cricket coaches, administrators and managers to help us grow our footprint across SA. This presents an opportunity for individuals with a passion and love for the game of cricket, to add a financial element that is built on a successful business model.


Joining the CSE family will be a life changing decision. You will become part of childrens lives, influencing and teaching them about the game and helping them become the gentleman that are its custodians.


Operations in Cape Town are well established but franchising opportunities through out the rest of the country are open for enquiry. Franchisees do not earn a salary but rather income is generated through participation at CSE such as Holiday clinics, coaching and other services. The model is well positioned financially with a short pay back period.

Minimum CriteriaOwning your own branch

With the CSE brand well established, and the model used in running holiday clinics and coaching in schools, franchise applicants will be carefully screened to ensure that new CSE regions around South Africa will be run with the same passion, enthusiasm and professionalism that have made CSE such a success.


Are you..


  • CSA qualified cricket coach
  • Highly motivated
  • Committed
  • Well organised
  • Passionate about helping young cricketers achieve their goals




  • University Sports Degree (Optional)
  • CSA Coaching Qualification
  • Minimum one year experience in the cricket industry
  • Be able to attend compulsory training session in Cape Town for four days
  • We may ask you to answer additional preliminary questions to show your skill level
Sponsors & Partners
Sponsorship & Partners bringing hope and joy to underpriviledged children.