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Zach Rabe's 6th Birthday Party

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18 Feb, 2019 | By ADMIN

Dear William,


Thanks again for facilitating arrangements for zach’s 6th birthday party!


He...had...THE best fun! Mainly because his request for a ‘cricket party’ was exactly that: lots and lots of cricket!


The way the afternoon was structured was so well done, including everyone and keeping them very engaged. Our daughter, ella, who is 7years old confirmed zach’s comment before bedtime when he said ‘; today I had FUN’.


When they played the ‘match’, what was noticable and commented on by two other parents as well, was that even the fielders were constantly kept engaged and included in the fun and them rotating to the cones kept the concentration of them all! Great way to do it! 


Coach Ryan and Coach Siya were so good with the kids. Encouraging, friendly and very organised!


Thank you so much for the prize giving segment and the National Anthem was lovely!  At zach’s third birthday I made them all sing it, so when they sang it on Saturday, afterwards he came to me with a huge smile saying that he loved singing the anthem ‘with my team members’ :)


His cricket bat gift was very unexpected. Huge thanks for that! 


Much appreciated,

-Richardt, meryl, ella & zach rabe-


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